Partner Katherine Otto Secures Three Consecutive Trial Wins in One Month

Recently, partner Katherine Otto represented three clients in three jury trials that were conducted back-to-back-to-back in less than 30 days. Katherine successfully secured those three wins in three different jurisdictions within the state of Colorado.

Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment, Katherine!

Find details on the cases below:

In the first trial, Otto represented a dentist whose former patient accused him of failing to diagnose oral cancer, causing her cancer to progress and ultimately requiring surgical removal of a portion of her lower jaw. In this particular case, Otto and Messner Reeves associate, Daniel DeLay, presented evidence that the plaintiff had a decades-long history of smoking and that she failed to return for regular hygiene and dental treatment as recommended. They also argued that their client’s detection of the lesion and immediate referral for biopsy saved the life of the plaintiff. The jury deliberated for an hour before returning a verdict in their client’s favor.

In the second trial, Otto represented a chiropractic physician accused of malpractice and failure to obtain informed consent. The 82-year old plaintiff alleged that he had not consented to a neck adjustment, and that the adjustment caused damage to his spine resulting in chronic and debilitating pain. Otto and Messner Reeves associate Kristina Wright presented evidence during the five-day trial that the plaintiff’s allegations lacked credibility, and that his claims of pain and disability were related to his advanced age and pre-existing conditions. The jury returned a defense verdict in less than an hour.

The final trial spanned over the course of eight days in which Otto represented a chiropractic physician accused of malpractice and failure to obtain informed consent. The plaintiff was a 39-year old female who had sought chiropractic care 5 weeks after giving birth to her first child via Caesarean section. Approximately 12 hours after the chiropractic adjustment performed by her client, the plaintiff suffered a stroke. Otto and Wright presented evidence that the stroke was caused by a rare, pre-existing injury to an artery, and that the chiropractor’s care was appropriate and did not cause any injury. After deliberating for less than 2 hours, the jury returned a defense verdict on all claims, finding that the chiropractor was not negligent, and did not cause any of the plaintiff’s claimed injuries.


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