I-9 Compliance & Work Authorization

The federal government has stepped up its enforcement of laws related to I-9s. Thousands of employers – large and small – have been audited by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) over the past year. When conducting an audit, ICE inspects I-9s for compliance with the law, including requirements mandating how I-9s must be created, completed, signed and retained. Failure to comply with these requirements has resulted in significant fines and other penalties for employers.

We help businesses navigate the maze of federal and state regulations that govern the I-9 and work authorization process. Our experience ranges from auditing tens of thousands of I-9s for a national business to counseling small employers on compliance with federal and state I-9 and immigration laws. We advise clients on compliance with E-Verify and help businesses determine whether it is right for them.

In evaluating I-9 procedures, we will identify areas of non-compliance, ways compliance can be streamlined and potential weaknesses. We work closely with you to create a system that meets the operational and administrative needs of your business while complying with the law.

We also have expertise in handling Notices of Inspection (NOI) issued by ICE, including managing responses to NOIs, corresponding with ICE and responding to document requests. We understand that government investigations carry not only legal risks but operational risks and PR ramifications. We can help you craft a comprehensive, practical approach for responding to an NOI or other government inquiry.

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