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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
At Messner Reeves, we prioritize our team members’ individuality and diverse backgrounds, valuing their unique perspectives. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion enriches our organization and leads to more innovative and effective solutions for our valued clients.

Messner Reeves has consistently acknowledged the importance of attracting and advancing attorneys and staff from different backgrounds. We demonstrate our commitment to DEI through through direct mentorship within teams, business development training, and client service opportunities. We foster a culture where everyone can thrive through honest communication, transparent and open policies, and a commitment to being an equal-opportunity employer. By providing the necessary support and resources, we create an environment that enables all individuals to reach their full potential.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Messner Reeves

Our firm’s long-term ambitions regarding DEI include consistent efforts in our workplace culture and community actions.

Messner Reeves consistently supports a diverse blend of the professional community, including diverse-owned companies, organizations, and associations for diverse professionals. We achieved the Midsize Mansfield Certification Plus in 2023 in recognition of our commitment to DEI in our law firm.

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Eleanor Deaton Eleanor Deaton

Vice President of Human Resources

Messner Reeves Achieved the Midsize Mansfield Certification Plus

In 2023, Messner Reeves achieved the Midsize Mansfield Certification Plus, a prestigious recognition for law firms with a lawyer count typically ranging from 25 to 150. This is the highest certification level and underscores our unwavering dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion at all levels of leadership within our firm. This higher level of certification is awarded to firms that also achieved the 30 percent benchmark in addition to meeting their other criteria.

As one of less than 80 law firms to attain this prestigious certification, we have dedicated ourselves to promoting diversity in our leadership. Over the past 18 months, we tracked detailed information which was shared with Diversity Lab and resulted in the achievement of this significant milestone.

The Midsize Mansfield Certification Plus, an extension of the renowned Mansfield Rule, recognizes the unique challenges faced by midsize firms like ours. We have actively considered at least 30% representation of women lawyers, underrepresented racial and ethnic lawyers, LGBTQ+ lawyers, and lawyers with disabilities in leadership and governance roles, equity partner promotions, client pitches, lateral lawyer hiring, and more. We have also prioritized transparency by implementing written leadership role descriptions and clear pathways to leadership. To earn this certification, the firm engaged in an intensive 18-month partnership with Diversity Lab, which diligently monitored, and assessed the efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership within our firm.

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Messner Reeves Sponsors 2023 Colorado Hispanic Bar Association Banquet

Messner Reeves is honored to support the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association’s efforts in supporting Hispanic interests and issues in the legal profession by attending and donating to their annual En el Jardin banquet and silent auction. This year’s banquet and auction were held on August 12th at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Messner Reeves partner Bruce […]

Mansfield Midsize Plus Certification – What it Means and Why It’s Important

Earlier in 2023, we announced that Messner Reeves has achieved the Mansfield Midsize Plus Certification, a prestigious recognition for law firms with a lawyer count typically ranging from 25 to 150. As the highest certification level, this classification underscores our unwavering dedication to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion within our leadership ranks. In order to obtain this […]

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