Our appellate attorneys are a skilled, specialized group of practitioners experienced in all aspects of appellate representation. We help our clients evaluate their cases so they can make early, informed decisions regarding the likelihood of an appeal and how best to posture their case to maximize the chances for success.

Our experience includes pursuing or defending interlocutory appeals, bringing original proceedings, and drafting briefs and arguing appeals before federal and state appellate courts. Beyond traditional appellate representation, we are adept at assisting trial counsel with directed verdict motions, jury instructions and post-trial briefings, and have experience with trial monitoring and analysis on behalf of excess insurance carriers and other interested parties. Our appellate and trial attorneys work closely as a team to anticipate, analyze and preserve issues and errors that may arise for appeal. Several of our attorneys are former judicial clerks, bringing another dimension of experience and knowledge to our team.

Whether you have just reached the conclusion of a trial and are preparing for an appeal or are in the midst of trial preparation, we can advise you every step of the way.

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