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For decades, Messner Reeves’s Intellectual Property Group has represented some of the world’s most sophisticated semiconductor manufacturers and equipment suppliers. Whether consulting on IP portfolio growth, assisting in complex multi-national licensing negotiations, or developing  international patent prosecution strategies, we are comfortable advising and implementing strategies designed to optimize our client’s assets, while accounting for real-world budgetary considerations.

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In addition to our formidable experience in the semiconductor industry as lawyers, our team is remarkable in our deep experience as engineers and non-lawyer professionals. Unlike other IP teams, we are lawyers and also electrical engineers, computer science engineers and chemical engineers. We’ve all studied semiconductor fabrication and design and we’ve worked in the industry.

Semi Conductors

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Semi Conductors

Representative Experience:

  • Manage international patent portfolio for world-wide chip manufacturer specializing in communications technology and vehicle electronic systems
  • License negotiation with world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor fabrication equipment for device power supply technology
  • Work with local start-up manufacturing cutting-edge epitaxy equipment to develop patent portfolio and customer negotiations
  • Counsel semiconductor manufacturer in defense against patent infringement claims stemming from post-fabrication wafer test technologies
  • Counsel semiconductor fabrication clients to modernize patent portfolio based upon the introduction of LED-based photolithography systems

Our technology experience includes:

Semiconductor manufacturing processes and systems
  • Photolithographic and epitaxy technologies
  • Wafer handling systems
  • Gas injector designs for furnace systems
  • Griding, lapping, and polishing equipment
High-power transistor devices
  • Base station wireless communication systems
  • Thermal management systems for high-power radio frequency devices
  • IPD device design for use in communication base systems
Semiconductor package designs
  • Packaging systems for high-power amplifiers used in wireless communication base systems
  • Flip-chip fabrication technologies
  • NAND flash memory systems
  • Flash memory cells with stacked films and tungsten silicide layers
Redundant Integrated Circuit Design
  • Fail-over integrated circuit design for high-frequency radar system timing circuitry
  • Integrated Circuit designs to manage electrostatic discharge occur during device fabrication

Meet the Team

Rowan P. Smith

Phoenix, AZ

Rowan Smith is an expert in Intellectual Property protection and strategy in the Semiconductor industry. In addition to his technical background in this space, Rowan has spent his entire career working with, learning from, and counseling the world’s largest and most sophisticated semiconductor companies in a wide variety of technologies such as fabrication techniques (including photolithography technologies, epitaxy techniques, reactor tool designs, GaN processing, and wafer handling systems), semiconductor devices (including deep trench power transistors, MEMs devices, GaN-based amplifiers, IPD design and integration, display devices), packaging systems (including flip-chip interconnectivity systems, thermal management systems for RF amplifiers), and related technologies (including redundant vehicle radar IC design, high-reliability sensor IC design, memory systems, CPU architectures), and the like.

Given this extensive background, he also provides expert counseling and advice for start-up companies in this space who are developing IP portfolios – including patents, trademarks, trade secrets – to be used in negotiations with customers and suppliers to maximize the value of new technologies.

Image of Attorney Greg Sitrick

Greg Sitrick

Phoenix, Arizona

Greg Sitrick is a seasoned attorney known for his work in defending OnSemi against an attempted theft of wafer processing technology. His legal prowess was instrumental in safeguarding OnSemi’s valuable intellectual property in the semiconductor industry.

Before embarking on his legal career, Greg pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering, where he delved into the intricacies of semiconductors. During this time, he dedicated a year to specializing in semiconductors, immersing himself in advanced material sciences and semiconductor processing. His hands-on experience in the fabrication lab involved designing, growing, processing, and constructing semiconductor wafers and circuits, providing him with invaluable insights into the heart of semiconductor technology.

Image of Attorney Hawranek

Scott Hawranek

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Scott Hawranek is a partner in the firm’s Intellectual Property Group in Colorado. His practice focuses on intellectual property litigation, protection, and development for his clients’ most valuable technologies. He uses his engineering background and experience in intellectual property law to provide his clients with solutions and winning strategies.


Benjamin Tietgen

Phoenix, Arizona

Joining Messner Reeves as a partner in late 2020, Benjamin Tietgen launched the Firm’s Phoenix office and helped to formalize its intellectual property group. Ben’s practice is keyed on value-driven IP portfolio management for innovators and creatives of any size, shape, or aspiration. Ben’s clients include artists, writers, musicians, bands, record labels, music and book publishers, industrial designers, builders, prolific inventors, academic and research institutions, and companies from start-ups to globe-spanning in myriad industries.


Stewart J. Womack

Phoenix, Arizona

Mr. Stewart Womack worked at SpeedFam Corporation and GoDaddy and was instrumental in building their intellectual property programs from their start. He initiated procedures for harvesting and protecting their intellectual property and educated management on best IP practices. He managed out-side counsel during numerous complex patent litigation cases and negotiated many advantageous settlements. He also negotiated various technology licensing agreements and reviewed corporate open source software compliance.

Image of Isaac Crum

Isaac Crum

Phoenix, Arizona

Isaac Crum boasts a distinguished career as a patent litigator, specializing in the semiconductor industry. He has garnered extensive experience by successfully litigating a range of semiconductor-related patents in both the International Trade Commission and district court.

His expertise encompasses various patents, including bias schemes for programming NAND flash memory systems, semiconductor devices featuring P-HDP interdielectric layers, contacts with sloped profiles in semiconductor devices, double self-aligning shallow trench isolation techniques in semiconductor manufacturing, flash memory cells with stacked films and tungsten silicide layers, optimization of memory cell layout density, and the utilization of elliptical and elongated Vss contacts in flash memory technology.

With his profound knowledge and proven track record, Isaac Crum is widely recognized as a leading authority in semiconductor patent litigation.


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