In a recent article for the New York Law Journal, “Battling Bias In Workplace Predictive A.I.: Challenges for Employers and the Bar,” Messner Reeves New York Partner Richard Reice examined the potential for predictive artificial intelligence (AI) to exercise bias when analyzing and sorting potential job applicants. On January 26, 2024, after a prominent case […]

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) went into effect January 1, 2024 and requires some businesses to file Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) reports with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and provide information about who owns and controls the company. In an effort to save time and provide important education on the new CTA, we’ve created […]

4 Compliance Areas Businesses Should Review at Year End

The year’s end is a crucial time for businesses to ensure that they’re in legal compliance while they still have a window of opportunity to identify and address any red flags. Below is a checklist of the key compliance areas to evaluate: Tax Compliance: Review the year’s tax filings for accuracy and make any corrections […]

When you check in at a spa, it’s not unusual to be offered a bubbly refresher before your treatments. Nor is it uncommon to pop down from your hotel suite for a nightcap at the lobby bar. Indeed, a drink before and after a meal is so commonplace we’ve borrowed the French phrases aperitif and […]

Regulatory compliance is a tangled web for healthcare providers, due to its complexity and ever-changing nature. Non-compliance can not only result in penalties, fines, and even criminal charges, not to mention increased risk of litigation. Below are some of the most common mistakes for healthcare providers to avoid: Failure to implement a comprehensive compliance program. […]

The world of patent protection is complex and detailed, with many people needing clarification about the level and length of protection, the expense, and more. At a minimum, the idea of a patent is simple: for a set period, a U.S. patent protects inventions from being made, used, or sold without the inventor’s permission in […]

By Alyson Jaen,  In business, you should never underestimate the nuances of negotiation skills. And that’s especially true in highly regulated industries like cannabis, which has its own set of unique challenges. Messner Reeves Of Counsel Alyson Jaen shares three essential soft skills to master for winning key negotiations. Let’s make a deal: How cannabis […]

By Amber L. Blasingame, Partner, Messner Reeves LLP “’Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the spider to the fly.” ~Mary Howitt As of November 1, 2023, all employers must use the latest “shorten[ed]” version of the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, edition date August 1, 2023, promoted by US Citizenship and Immigration Services “to […]

Messner Reeves LLP’s litigation team has a wealth of complex civil and commercial litigation expertise. Still, beyond experience, reputation, and accolades, finding a legal team in tune with your company’s culture, mission, and methodology is essential. Choosing the right litigation team is crucial to obtaining the best possible outcome in a corporate lawsuit and preventing […]

“Death is emotionally hard. Planning for a smooth probate process can help your loved ones as they grieve and heal.” Probate seems daunting. The emotions, family dynamics and financial issues surrounding a death are hard enough to handle without the added complexity of administering the estate. “Death is hard enough, make it easier on those […]

Messner Reeves is honored to be awarded the prestigious Midsize Mansfield Certification Plus. This award reinforces our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within our firm and leadership ranks. As one of less than 80 law firms to attain this prestigious certification, we have dedicated ourselves to promoting diversity in our leadership. Over the past […]

Messner Reeves welcomes our 5 Summer Associates as part of our annual participation in the Colorado Pledge to Diversity Program. While most law firms provide internships only to second-year law students, the Pledge to Diversity Program affords first-year law students of diverse racial, gender and ethnic identifications the unique opportunity to participate in a paid […]

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