Compliance, Cyber Security Top List of Key Corporate Concerns in 2021

As 2021 unfolds and corporations across the nation slowly see business operations normalize following a period of great uncertainty, our attorneys are seeing several areas where businesses must remain diligent when considering their legal concerns.

“Cybersecurity remains one of the top issues for our clients. From small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, employers are anxious about the havoc that was brought on by business interruptions last year,” said Brent Wadman, a partner at Messner Reeves. “Many feel the pandemic has led to organizational discontinuity and disfunction, presenting vulnerabilities such as exposure to hackers, data and privacy breaches and security flaws across their companies.”

New employment laws and regulations have also presented employers with challenges and difficulties in navigating compliance issues, which many are dealing with on top of additional stresses from managing financial crises for the better part of a year.

“Among the chief concerns we’re hearing from our clients is the support businesses need to understand, and moreover, comply with these changing regulations, which are still evolving out of COVID-19 pandemic work practices and overall operations,” said Wadman. “The business arena, particularly as it surrounds employment law, will continue to present challenges for employers. This is not going away soon.”

If your business has questions or needs legal assistance around cyber security, data privacy and management, or compliance with new and changing employment laws, contact the team at Messner Reeves.


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