Messner Reeves Trial Group Wins Another Medical Malpractice Case for Plastic Surgeon

Messner Reeves recognizes Denver partners Douglas C. Wolanske and Kate A. Bailey for their recent win in a seven-day medical malpractice trial involving a plastic surgeon.


  • Attorneys: Douglas C. Wolanske and Kate A. Bailey
  • Office: Denver
  • Venue: Colorado District Court

In this civil matter, the defendant, a plastic surgeon, was represented by Douglas C. Wolanske and Kate A. Bailey. The plaintiff, represented by Adam David Dolce, alleged that the defendant over-dissected her pectoralis major muscle during breast augmentation surgery. Furthermore, she alleged that he failed to timely diagnose the complication, causing her significant pain, emotional distress, and physical limitations. The plaintiff alleged damages of $328,000, although neither party made any pre-trial demands or settlement offers. 

The Messner Reeves defense team, along with the help of medical expert Constantino Mendieta, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. of Miami, FL, were able to prevail in this case by showing the court that:

  • The surgery was performed well within accepted standards of care
  • The surgeon did not over-dissect the plaintiff’s pectoralis major muscle during the surgery
  • The plaintiff’s complaints arose from the development of capsular contracture— a well-known complication of breast augmentation surgery.

The Honorable Judge Regina M. Rodriguez presided over this trial, which resulted in a defense verdict. 

Congrats to Douglas, Kate, and their entire team on another successful trial win!

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