Recap: Managing Partner Michelle Harden Moderates Bisnow Panel Discussions

Our Managing Partner Michelle Harden served as the moderator for two panel discussions at a recent Bisnow event in Denver. Michelle led the conversations for “The Path Forward: A Deep Dive Into Covid-Challenged Sectors & Their Recovery” and “Capitalizing on Denver’s Boom and Forecasting Future Growth”.  Michelle’s tremendous knowledge and experience in counseling businesses with COVID-related issues helped set the stage for these key discussions.  The expertise of each and every one of the panelists provided the real takeaways for those in attendance. For those of you that were unable to attend, we’ve highlighted a few of our most significant findings from the morning discussions:  

  1. A key component for Denver to thrive is to find appropriate regulation and control over crime, cleanliness and homelessness that are plaguing the vibrant downtown community. Finding ways to attract young talent, and celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of the city are critical to its recovery efforts.
  2. There’s a myth that retail spaces are dying, when in fact – they’ve just changed. Consumerism has pivoted to a digital forward platform with in-person shopping still happening, just in a different or supported fashion (3rd party delivery services, curbside pick-up, etc.)
  3. The trajectory for growth of multi-family housing and storage facilities is longer-term, focused on the next five years instead of the year ahead.

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